Hey kids!

Welcome to Andurien! It’s a land that I hope we can build together and together we can enjoy. As GM, I like to see the group as a chance to tell a story. Something that we can stand around a group of other like minded nerds and share epic stories and moments from the experience that we create here. I’m really looking forward to seeing this game go farther than any other game I’ve played. I have huge hopes for the game.


For those folks who have never used Obsidian before: This is kind of our group’s wiki. There are tabs on the top that you can scroll through, and if you haven’t created a profile yet, I recommend doing so, and then asking to be added to the group. It may take some time for me to respond, but once you are a part of it you can add characters and contribute to many parts of the wiki. I encourage everyone to at least write a background or a character wiki page for everyone else to enjoy. This not only helps me to decide where things could go, but it could also help you when you are in a spot and are deciding what to do.


There are few, but here’s what I expect from the group:

1. Metagaming
You are a player, sitting through a game that is really intense and entertaining, full of twists and excitement and plot points and discovery. Except there’s this other guy who keeps trying to find loopholes in the rules to make sure he gets out on top, that he gets all the information, and that he’s always in the hot seat. We call this person a douche. They constantly use information that their character hasn’t obtained, and never feel that they need to legitimize that intelligence. The GM calls for a sense motive check and he kills the NPC they are currently interrogating. Why? Because you were trying to use sense motive, and thus the NPC is automatically guilty. This forces the GM to make sense motives ON EVERYTHING. How do we bar this person from doing this?

From setting the expectation that IF YOUR CHARACTER DOESN’T KNOW IT, DON’T EXPECT TO KNOW IT.

2. Have Fun
We’re playing a game, folks. We could be bowling, watching a movie, playing naked hide-n-go… well… we’re naked. so be creative. Instead? We’re playing DND. It better be fun, or else we could be doing something else. It’s my job to keep it interesting, but it’s your job to tell me when something is boring you. If you feel embarrassed saying it in front of the group, then message me via facebook or something. I want you guys to enjoy this. I want to keep playing. I also like bacon.

3. XP
Ugh. So occasionally I’ll give out XP. It’s kind of a hap-hazard way, and every once in a while I’ll tell you to “F—- it, just level up.” Bonus XP might be converted to special items or skill bonuses. I’m pretty lazy about XP, if you haven’t noticed.

4. Bonuses
I know you spend time on your character. I know you want to watch your character grow. in-game your character might get treasure or plot items. Out-of-game, you could score some bonuses for you fictitious hero as well. Ordering pizza for the group, providing the transport to get to the GM’s house out in the boondocks, cooking for the group, or generally providing something awesome for the general population will not go unnoticed. Most of the time. I may miss something. It won’t be rude to remind me or just say “bonus?”. I won’t be offended. I’ll really actually be relieved that I won’t have to think about one more element that I need to keep track of.

Speaking of keeping track of stuff, being the general book keep of the group (recording the session, keeping track of initiative, drawing pretty pictures of the group, etc) might score the player’s character a little extra somethin’ somethin’ in gold and treasure. That Somethin’ somethin’ may or may not be immediate. This is to keep the game play believable.

Andurien Skies